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A Crumbling Dream
The dark is heavy and suffocating as you stumble blindly through the blackness, an invisible force driving your weary body on. You don't know where you are, where you've been, where you're going; just that there is somewhere you have to reach, and that it is not in this dark. It is beyond the dark, but the idea that anything exists beyond this everlasting night is a difficult concept to grasp.
But perhaps it is the idea that something may exist that keeps you going.
~ ~ ~
A tiny candle sits in a small, blue flower resting on top of a pond and casts a little yellow glow over the dusty stone floor, and eagerly you run up to the pool's edge and lean over as far as possible, drinking in the light you have been starved of for so long.
You continue drinking the candles light for years, and though it is still as sweet as when you first laid eyes upon it, you find that it grows … dull. Bland.
Still, it is the only light that you can fix your eyes upon and so you keep your silent vi
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Death Note: L Stamp by PyroStorm Death Note: L Stamp :iconpyrostorm:PyroStorm 690 14 Red Dwarf: Mr Flibbles Stamp by PyroStorm Red Dwarf: Mr Flibbles Stamp :iconpyrostorm:PyroStorm 180 30 M. Python: The Black Knight by PyroStorm M. Python: The Black Knight :iconpyrostorm:PyroStorm 463 22 M.P's Flying Circus Stamp by PyroStorm M.P's Flying Circus Stamp :iconpyrostorm:PyroStorm 49 4 Ministry of Silly Walks Stamp by PyroStorm Ministry of Silly Walks Stamp :iconpyrostorm:PyroStorm 395 16 Red Panda Stamp by PyroStorm Red Panda Stamp :iconpyrostorm:PyroStorm 104 7
Cruel To Be Kind
The Disasteroid incident was a time of big revelations and decisions involving my family. One of these was that my son Danny decided to reveal to the entire world that he was Amity Park’s ghostly superhero, Danny Phantom.
The second was a truth that had been hidden from me. However, looking back at everything that was said and done, I was probably seeing and hearing what I wanted to and not what was really meant. But what did I find out? While in the depths of space, I found out that Vlad Masters, the man who I trusted and thought was my best friend, wanted me dead because of the portal accident in college that ‘ruined his life’ and because I had ‘stolen Maddie’ from him. He said all this, and then flew off to deal with the asteroid. The Ectoranium asteroid which negated his powers.
He came back, saying that I was still his old friend Vlad, who I had talked with, laughed with and trusted. That was when my view of him really changed. He wasn’t my best frien
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ID by PyroStorm ID :iconpyrostorm:PyroStorm 0 0
TToW - Breaking the Block
Ghost Writer sat slumped in his seat for a long time, staring blankly at the surface of the table. Slowly he sat up, wincing as his back made its protests known before sluggishly moving over towards the counter where his now ice-cold coffee was.
He flicked the kettle on again and poured the coffee down the sink robotically, moving on autopilot because his mind was busy churning with all kinds of negative thoughts and emotions.
The click of the kettle and the sound of bubbling water prompted him to make another cup of coffee, and once that was finished he went back to the table where he pulled out a notebook and pen from his pocket.
Bending over the paper slightly, he wrote at the top ‘breaking the block’. Tapping the pen against his cheek thoughtfully, he proceeded to think of something that could help rid him of the evil block. A few thoughts came to him and he scribbled them down eagerly. One of them should be able to help me, he thought. But some of them m
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Neverwinter Nights Stamp by PyroStorm Neverwinter Nights Stamp :iconpyrostorm:PyroStorm 133 13 The Yawning Wildcat by PyroStorm The Yawning Wildcat :iconpyrostorm:PyroStorm 4 0 Wildcat Mother and Kitten by PyroStorm Wildcat Mother and Kitten :iconpyrostorm:PyroStorm 8 0 Ritsu Sohma Stamp by PyroStorm Ritsu Sohma Stamp :iconpyrostorm:PyroStorm 61 1 M.Python: Spanish Inquisition by PyroStorm M.Python: Spanish Inquisition :iconpyrostorm:PyroStorm 371 25
Danny's Nightmare
Wrote this during an English lesson in which there was no teacher or work to do. Don't know where it came from, it just seemed to appear.
I think it was meant to be from Danny's point of view.

Debris scattered across the ground. Fires flickering and casting eerie shadows over the ground. Remains of a massacre littered everywhere. Silence, save for the cracking and popping of flames, horribly similar to the sound of bones breaking. Sharp tang of copper lacing the air, smothering the smell of smoke. Doesn’t stop it from coiling through nostrils and throat, producing coughs, hindering escape. Scrabbling over broken concrete and glass, slipping in crimson puddles in the hurry to find somewhere safe, somewhere to hide, somewhere where there’s freedom, with no cage, no fear, no running.
Chilling laughter shatters the near silence. A green blast reduces the rubble nearby to nothing.
The twisted game of cat and mouse begins again. The mouse scurries off, splashing throug
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Meh ...

Won't be on here as much as I used to be, I think ... school work is really taking up all of my time. Might pop back now and then with a new stamp or something, but that's it. Sorry for not responding to comments for ages - will try to be better!


I'm Ritsu Sohma in the DeviantART Cartoon Obsessions Crew!



School is taking up my liiiiiife
United Kingdom
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Personal Quote: GOMEN NASAIIII!!! (Hence my nickname of Gomen-Chan)


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